Sensitivity is your superpower!

I have come to a conclusion that I am not your typical Highly sensitive person. In a way, it’s great, to be unique I mean, but at times it really irritates me to be a minority in a minority. So, be aware: This is a cry for help to all you Hsps who are or aren’t like me. I want to start a movement right this second to make give our sensitivity the status it deserves. ❤

For some reason (which I truly haven’t figured out yet) we Hsps are masters of concentrating in the negative aspects of our sensitivity. To be frank, we suck at sharing. That is, when we are talking to each other in Facebook, Instagram or other Hsp circles. We are totally able to share love and joy to people around us when it comes to un-Hsps in our family, co-workers, friends or people we run into. We care for them and respect them, not to mention love them like there is no tomorrow.

However, sadly the most important thing is easily forgotten. We struggle to love ourselves and cherish our sensitivity, even though in my opinion, that should be the first thing on the list. Every single day. And yes, I do know how hard it is to put yourself first. However, to be able to spread happiness around you without burdening yourself, you have to let yourself be happy first.


Did you know, you lovely Hsp, that in reality you are actually a superhero? I truly mean it. Many of the Hsps I know are probably the most wonderful, vivid people that walk on this Earth. So unique in fact, that most of the people in the world would probably see them as heroes if they only knew what Hsps go through inside their mind, heart and soul. Our sensitivity is a power that allows us to live an extraordinary life every day. Even though we analyse a lot and are caught up in our worries, there is no reason to be in despair. As my husband would say, 98% of our sensitivity is good and makes us powerful. The rest, as little as 2 %, is the part that makes us appreciate the 98% even more. As Tony Robbins might say, it’s all about the mindset.

It’s all about how you see things staring you in the face. If you keep searching problems caused by your sensitivity, problems you shall find. If, on the other hand, you concentrate how you can see your sensitivity as power, that is exactly what it will become. A power like no other. If you fail to remember that you have superpowers, learn to acknowledge the wonderful qualities, which‘til now you’ve seen as weaknesses.

Are your senses way out there? Stop to think how lame this world was, if your senses were taken away. Your pasta wouldn’t taste as great since you wouldn’t pay attention to the bright colors of the vegetables on top of the dish. You wouldn’t dance by yourself since the music wouldn’t have such an impact on you. Also, you wouldn’t enjoy warm socks and a cup of hot cocoa as much, since you wouldn’t be cold all the time.

Are you annoyed that you start crying so easily? I know that It may not be ‘normal’ to start crying during commercial breaks, but on the other hand, why the hell not? Feeling so deeply makes you empathetic and understanding, which, in turn, helps you help others and makes you someone others can trust. Additionally, feeling so intensively makes you capable of loving more deeply and bringing the kind of happiness around you, that this world clearly needs.

To be a superhero with extraordinary superpowers doesn’t mean you can walk through walls or fly. Although you kind of can. At least you can use your X-ray vision to see people’s true emotions and save the ones around you that need saving. You are also stronger that many, since despite your own feelings and troubles you push forward every day. Out of all the negative and painful stuff in your past, you have been able to find happy beginnings and appreciation to every joyful moment in your future. As a superhero, you can also see things others can’t and make the world spin slower when staring at the calming sea. You are incredibly strong and powerful because in additions to your own worries you can carry the worries of your beloved and still stop in your track to marvel the stars in the night sky.


I would never give up my sensitivity, not for 100 million dollars, not for anything. It’s said that life isn’t black and white but full of shades of grey. I believe a lot of you would agree that to us Hsps, life is not just 50 or 150 shades of grey but all the colors of the rainbow crisscrossing in every direction. So, may I ask, why would you beat yourself down of being highly sensitive? Only 20% of people have born with this amazing quality. Embrace it, since it is the power, that makes you a superhero.


Love, Kati

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