Sunday self-care routine for all senses

Rest. The forbidden word. One of the most important duties for a Hsp, is to look after yourself. Even though it’s so damn hard. I know from experience that it’s million times easier to take care of everyone else than to focus on yourself. Even to a point that those you tried to take care of, make you take time to be alone. Even though it’s important to breathe and listen to yourself every single day, for example by having a self-care morning routine, it might be a good idea to reserve some time for Sunday self-care. Think about it, what if instead of stressing out the upcoming week, Sunday was filled with wonderful things to look forward to? Things that would pamper your every sense? Okay, I know I sound a bit cheesy, but for many Hsps, being extra sensitive for all the senses is something totally relatable. That’s why I believe that in order to pamper yourself, it’s important to include all your senses… all five basic senses and perhaps some made up ones, just in case. 😀

My Sunday routine is custom-made to my current life situation, but it changes as I change. It’s not important to hold on to your routines if they don’t serve you, but to listen to your inner self and the things that truly make you happy. At this state of my life however, my routine is making me smile so much, I wanted to share it with you, to hopefully inspire you to take care of you. At least every Sunday.


Buy flowers. Beautiful things and nature are close to heart to many highly sensitive people. So much so that even staring at a simple flower is relaxing. That said, in my opinion, Sunday is a perfect day to pop in a flower shop and buy the most beautiful branch of hydrangea or a pink rose that is calling my name. After coming home, I place the branch into my cutest vase and admire it throughout the day. It’s incredible how much beauty one flower can add in your home, let alone how calming it is to see it there, sitting on my living room table, blooming.


Go outside. Seriously, even if it’s raining, go outside. For a slow three hour walk or to stand in the rain for five minutes. The important thing is to stop and notice what the air smells like. Perhaps I’m pointing out the obvious here (at least you Hsps might see it as such), but did you know that winter rain and summer rain smell totally different? May mornings smell completely different to June mornings and at times spring air smells like sea and at times like barbeque. Late evenings are also a great time to sniff the air. Then you can combine it with gazing above and admiring the vast number of stars in this galaxy.


I don’t know about you lot, but for me, touch is one of the strongest senses. I get anxious of itching fabrics, uncomfortable clothes and hate both cold and chilly environments. Thus, pampering this sense on Sundays is one of my favorite things. How to do it, you might ask? You may not want to hear this, but it’s done by changing the sheets. Every single Sunday. Even though changing the sheets is a pain in the ass, you can’t but smile when crawling between clean linen after a long week. It is utterly impossible to fall asleep feeling stressed if you have crisp, clean sheets wrapped around you.

To make this sense happy, you need to move. In order for me to feel good, I have to feel the movement in my body. However, it’s important to ponder what type of exercise is best for you. I might be a bit biased, but if you haven’t tried yoga, I sincerely recommend you do. After all, yoga isn’t just a work out, it is something that affects both your mind and body. It makes your mind calm down and prepares your body into the forbidden word, rest. ❤

And then the obvious. Touch wouldn’t be on this list without pampering skincare routine. Create yourself a meditative skincare routine instead of slapping your products to your face as quickly as possible. Take time and consider skincare are a mindfulness practice. Skincare routine isn’t a necessary must, but a wonderful time to turn your full attention to yourself. Love your skin and yourself so much you actually want to take the time to do this. It might be that it makes you so happy, you start to replace your one-soap method into a 7 step Korean skincare routine. 😀 Ps. This goes also to you Hsp guys out there. Skincare is more fun than you think 🙂



If there is one day in a week you should pay attention to what you eat, it’s Sunday. Monday morning is hard enough without bloating and feeling heavy after the overwhelming dinner the night before. Nutrition is individual, of course, but on Sundays at least I try to make sure to eat healthy, clean and delicious food that is good for me. I eat a lot of greens, avoid dairy, meat and too much carbs. The better I eat on a Sunday, the easier Monday feels and the better my energies are to face a new week. My taste buds have learned to crave for fresh flavors on Sundays which, in turn, inspires me to keep it up when the new week arrives.

One thing I struggle constantly with is water. Especially on weekends, I forget to drink enough water. However, water is one magic potion that can make or break your self-care routine. So, keep drinking as much water as you can, your body will thank you, your skin is clearer, and your energy levels are through the roof. This is particularly important if you are an entrepreneur. It is an absolute nightmare to be at your best on Monday if your focus goes on surviving the Sahara Desert.

In addition to water, you could pamper your taste with a calming drink. Those of you who are following me on Instagram, may have heard about this, but I am always one to root for Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Cacao. This reishi cacao has helped me have some of the best sleeps of my life. Not to mention the drink is like a dessert. Full on self-care I say ❤ You can find Four Sigmatic’s products in their webshop. Strong and warm recommendations!


Obviously, your favorite record or Spotify playlist can in itself be a part of your self-care routine. Even listening to your favorite song over and over may relax you so much that the world seems a better place. However, I am not here to point out the obvious. I didn’t include sound to this post for obvious reasons but to point out that on Sundays it is important to listen to yourself. Even though listening to your inner voice doesn’t make a sound, it is highly important to listen your own thoughts, at least once a week, without interruptions. Being a highly sensitive makes me put most of my time and effort to take care of others. In that mayhem, listening to my own thoughts isn’t a priority to me. Nowadays, I try to make time to be with my own thoughts. Without any noise from the background, without obligations, just observe what it is I’m actually thinking ❤

After my thoughts take over and I notice my analysing starting to slip to overanalysing, I place my yoga mat on the floor, and meditate. I listen not only to my thoughts, but also what is going on in my body when I’m not thinking. If meditating in silence is making you feel uncomfortable (read, if your thoughts spread in million directions like mine), I recommend you look into meditation apps like Calm and Headspace.


Okay, I know this isn’t actually a sense, but let’s call curiosity a bonussense. Especially for us highly sensitives who are entrepreneurs, pampering this ‘sense’ is important. I don’t encourage you to think business on a Sunday if that is something you don’t want to do.  However, I am encouraging you to be curious towards new things. Curious about things that are not up your alley, things out of your comfort zone. Learn something new, every single Sunday. At least even a teeny tiny bit. It doesn’t matter if you listen to a podcast, watch a documentary on Netflix or read a whole book. Whether the topic is about building a dam, ice hockey, astrology, Ayurveda, robot technology, movie history or gardening, the importance is to feel curious. Usually I choose a topic that has intrigued me on the passing week and dedicate anything between 10 minutes to 2 hours to learn more. An article about Lock Ness monster not only makes me smile but also opens my brain to new ways of thinking. I have noticed that as an entrepreneur my most creative weeks have been those after a curiosity filled Sundays.

Do you guys have Sunday routines? What do they look like? Comment below or come and say hi on Instagram! Have a wonderful week!




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